Terms & Conditions


(a) It is agreed that each Hire is for a period of ONE DAY ONLY or such other term as set out in the agreement to hire.

(b) The hire period is reckoned from the date on which the equipment leaves Total Event Hire's depot until it arrives there again, inclusive.

(c) The hire rate is calculated as per 8 hour day (7.30am-5pm) or part thereof. Total Event Hire will allow a period of grace of one hour, without charge (until 8am) on any calendar day for the return of equipment after which time the hirer will be charged another full days hire at the hire rate.

(d) No allowance whatever can be made for time during which the machine is not in use, for any reason, unless special arrangements are made beforehand and confirmed in writing.


(a) The equipment hired is agreed to be stated herein.

(b) The Hirer must satisfy himself that the equipment is suitable and sufficient for the work to be done; as subsequent exchange of equipment, will entail additional charges.

(c) The equipment hired by Total Event Hire does not purport to be new or equal to new, but when sent out, all items are understood to be in good order for normal full load, working at the stated capacity, under ordinary conditions.

(e) All items of equipment supplied at the Hirer's request additional to those enumerated, will be charged for the Total Event Hire standard hire rates.

(f) The cost of reconditioning items blunted by use or otherwise rendered unfit for further service will be charged to the hirer.


(a) Competent operators must be given charge of the equipment while in the Hirer's possession, and the Hirer is responsible for all cleaning and maintenance adjustments, and for any damage occurring due to overloading, mistakes, or neglect in handling etc. during the hire period.

(b) The Hirer must keep the plant in proper working order at his own expense, and pay for all costs for replacements or repair required due to fire, theft, accident, loss or otherwise during the hire period.


(a) The Hirer shall pay carriage to and from Total Event Hire premises and is responsible for damages in transit.

(b) Delivery and collection by Total Event Hire shall be to and from front footpath.


The Hirer undertakes to keep the equipment in his own possession and control, and free from all legal processes and that no mortgage, deed, bill of sale, or any other legal instrument or private arrangement whatever shall be executed whereby any other person or firm other than Total Event Hire shall acquire any lien or rights whatsoever in connection with the equipment hired.


(a) The charges for the hire of the equipment is as stated herein and excludes GST.

(b) Charges for hire are strictly net cash, unless otherwise previously arranged by Total Event Hire.

(c) In default of the above terms of trade, Total Event Hire reserve the right to terminate the hire period forthwith, and to take any steps necessary to recover possession of the equipment without prejudice to their rights to recover all amounts due for the hire, reconditioning of the equipment, if any, and cost for transport to their depot.

(d) Further, the Hirer, shall pay to Total Event Hire any costs incurred in recovering any outstanding debt from the Hirer.


(a) Total Event Hire reserve the right to inspect the equipment at any time, and to terminate the hire forthwith if the equipment is not being properly used and maintained as provided above, or if the agreed conditions and terms of payment are not strictly complied with by the Hirer.

(b) Total Event Hire accepts no liability whatever in respect of a third party or similar risks or for personal injury, or for consequential damage of any kind.

(c) The Hirer shall keep the equipment hired under his own control, and employ it solely in his own work, and will not permit it or any part thereof to be used by any other party for any other work.

(d) On termination of the hire, the Hirer shall deliver up the equipment, complete with all accessories, clean and in good order as delivered FAIR WEAR AND TEAR ACCEPTED, to Total Event Hire.

(e) Unless agreed in writing to the contrary, the acceptance by the Hirer of any goods on hire from Total Event Hire shall in itself constitute an acceptance of the above terms and conditions, and of the charges stated in the Hire Agreement Form or Credit Application.

DAMAGE: The hirer is responsible for all loss, theft or damage to the equipment whatsoever including without limitation:

(a) Damage due to abuse, misuse, negligence or incorrect use of the equipment

(b) Mysterious disappearance

(c) Theft through the hirer failing to take elementary precautions to protect the equipment

(d) Hoist damage due to the hirer failing to take elementary precautions to protect the equipment

(e) Panel and glass damage

In the event of any loss, theft or damage to the equipment, the hirer shall pay the full replacement cost of the equipment or Total Event Hire's insurance excess (up to a maximum of $2500+GST. Total Event Hire may lodge a claim with its insurer if the replacement cost of the equipment is more than the insurance excess and, in addition to the insurance excess, the hirer will pay any shortfall between the insurance proceeds received and the cost to Total Event Hire in replacing the equipment with like goods.


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